The Challenges of Starting Over


I’m no stranger to owning a business. I’ve built 3 businesses in the past and had my share of success. When Covid came, I’ll be honest, it hit me hard like Dolf Lundrin punching Sylvester Stallone in Rocky hard.

Most of my clients were schools, travel agencies, etc… I didn’t plan it like that, it just kind of happened. When Covid came, ALL of them shut down and cut their budgets. Being in the tech field, we were the first budgets to get cut. I went from about 25 monthly clients to 7. It kept dwindling down from there.

I also had a great Real Estate business. I wasn’t an investor or anything, but learned how to be an agent. The one thing I didn’t know, was how to manage my money right. So when the entire world shut down, I only had about 3 months of funds left, and I was already a month and a half in.

I needed a job FAST, and I haven’t worked a job in like 5 years, so yeah, Dolph Lundrin in full effect.

The Lord provides though, and definitely answers. I ended up getting a job pretty quick with 0 experience.

But I missed the entrepreneurship. I missed the challenges that came with it, the figuring out how to overcome, the ups, the downs. It’s not meant for everyone, but I loved it!

Fast forward to today. I haven’t had a business since Covid. I kept dipping my toes in different things, but God had other plans. My priorities were completely out of wak. I had to get my life, family, and health in order. I kept chasing money instead of purpose and God was not having that.

I won’t get into all those details but I had to learn that money was not the objective. At that time, honestly, I started to lose understanding of what the objective actually was. All I knew was what God told me to focus on, so I just did that, but it was incredibly awkward to not have a business in the making.

Eventually, I knew that everything that I had been learning and storing up with no one to share it with had to come out. I’ll get into that story another time but fast forward, I started a YouTube channel, messed up some more, lost focus again, hired a coach, and started over.

This time though, starting over felt so green. I got so used to everything just coasting and building on everything that I did in the past, that going back to 0 was very intimidating. Not only that, I’m going back into an industry I know nothing about. Before I did everything technology-related, but this time, I am getting into coaching and helping men. Never have I ever thought that this is where I’d be at almost 40.

Yet here I am, and it’s incredibly challenging. I remember what I did when I first started my business. I documented the whole process. I called it getting to 30k because that’s what I ended up doing, in just 4 months!

But this is a different business, different model, I’m still figuring out how to even monetize. What’s crazy, is I’m not even worried. I know this is the path God put me on, and if He tells me to switch it up, then it gets switched. He’s been working with me like that.

This is the first business though that wasn’t all about money. There’s a mission. I have a passion for helping men grow and become better husbands, fathers, and MEN! Because I remember where I was and what I had to do.

The challenge I’m facing now to build this up is the constant asking of myself “Now what do I do?” I have a background in technology, marketing, etc., so it’s not that I don’t know what to do, it’s that I want to do everything. Then I recall what God took me out of, and that level of control that I felt I needed, and now I revert back to asking God for patience and guidance. I need to slow down to speed up.

I’ve been praying that God put more leaders in my life. I’d love to have a business partner eventually. I’d also love to have a team. I know I’m going to need it for the Vision God gave me. My pastor always says this and I’ll end it here:

If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill

God bless!

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