The Mission and Vision

Men have a vital role to play especially in today's world.  

My Dream / Goal / Vision:

  • I want this site to be a central HUB for men where they can become better husbands, fathers, and leaders.
  • I want to change the culture of the next generation of men by education, helping, strengthening the husbands and fathers of today.
  • I want to train leaders, so they can take everything they learn, teach it to their family, and then teach it to other men.
  • I have more in mind then what I can accomplish on my own, but this is just the start. God is my lead, and these are my humble beginnings for this vision.  If you'd like to partner in any way, reach out to me. God Bless and know that it's time to...

My Story (text version)

The work I was doing was taking me nowhere. Life seemed to be getting mundane and completely pointless. Everyday was starting to look exactly the same.  I woke up, worked on something that didnt’ really benefit anyone. The goal was the money.  I finished work, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.  The next day was the same, and so was the following.  It felt like I had nothing to look forward to because everything was focussed on being able to pay my bills, and try to shoot for a little extra.

I was getting closer to the Lord at this point and Matthew 28:19 kept ringing in my ears: Go and make disciples of all nations. Was what I was currently working on doing what the Lord has called me to do? What purpose was it serving?  It wasn’t long before I started realizing that there has to be more.  More then just having a job and working for money. More then just working on my business and appeasing customers. More then just the monotonous routine of living to retire, trying to make ends meet and build a business while ignoring the actual people and things that truly mattered in life.

These thoughts and actions began to bring me down a different path.  Up until then I was stuck with my own thoughts trying to figure things out. I brought this to the Lord and without me even realizing it, He started to surround me with people who have been there.  Leaders who have overcome parts of life that I have yet to encounter.  Men who were able to pour into me and guide me.  Men of God who knew what it meant to be a man, lead a home, and lead others.

I made the decision that I could not continue with the way I was living.  I had to stop being lazy and realize that I did not know it all.  I had to come to the conclusion that if I don’t change, nothing else will, not my marriage, not my health, not my family or any of my relationships.  I had to stop thinking so selfishly making ME the center of my universe.  

As I grew closer to God, He began exposing me.  All the things I was struggling with, He was showing me a way out.  I began to create new positive and healthy habits, began to be open and vulnerable and listen to other perspectives, I began to apply things that I have been learning into my life and the results have been incredible.  My kids see me different, my wife sees me different, and I feel as though now I have a purpose.  I have a legacy to leave.

As I continue to grow and understand more of the Kingdom of God and what he has given to us, I get more of an urge to share everything that’s been poured into me.  And while I still continue to learn and grow, He put it in my heart to not be a fat cow, storing up what I learn for myself, but to share it with others.  I never wanted to be a teacher as I know the standard that God has for that, but everything has been leading me towards this.

While I feel completely unequipped, I know God will equip me and has been for a few years now.  I can see more vision, more purpose, and more clarity in what I’m supposed to do not only for myself, but for my family, and more importantly, for God.

As I write this I can’t help but to recall the verse...

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.”

 Revelation 3:17