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Apprentice of Affection: Embarking on the Leadership Journey

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I see four pillars that need to dominate manhood today.  I call them the 4 F's, but I'll be rephrasing that soon.  They are Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance.



This is the foundation.  This is you're relationship with God and everything that it is.  If you don't have this, the bible says that a house built on sand will collapse.  You need to have your relationship with Christ as the cornerstone of everything you do.  In order to lead properly, you need to be lead, and that is what the Holy Spirit will do.  



How can you lead your wife if you can't lead yourself?  How can you lead your kids if you can't lead your wife? Your family is your first ministry. Regardless of what you decide to pursue in life, you're family is what matters.  When you learn to lead yourself, you can then lead your wife and then your family.  Walk in a Kingdom mentality and leave behind more then just material possessions. Leave a Kingdom Legacy.



Longevity is key.  People die everyday and for many different reasons, but if it's something that can be prevented, why not prevent it.  As men we get too comfortable or too busy that we forget to take care of the temple that God gave us.  We have to be more health conscious than ever. I'm not talking about 2 hours in the gym every day, I'm talking about awareness and effort.  Disciplining yourself in health spills over to discipline in other areas.  You need to live long and be healthy.



Many men think the ONLY thing they need to do is provide.  Let's break that myth right now. You need to be a good steward of what God has given you.  You need to understand how income works, how to budget, and get things in order.  A lot of times we let our wives carry out the burdens that we should be carrying and giving to Christ.  Take ownership of the small things so God knows you can handle more. 

Remember, your belief dictates your thoughts, and your thoughts dictate your actions.  The Bible says "Matthew 12:34, 'Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." The core concept of everything is to develop your relationship with Christ, build proper habits, work with intention, and develop your character so that you become the person people want to follow.  And by people I mean your family and yourself.

Videos to get you started!

My podcast has a ton of faith based messages, here are just a few to start with...


Relationship with Christ, Bible Studies, Biblical Truths


Relationships with your wife, children, and others.


This is all about your health and wellness.


We go beyond money and into stewardship.  Manage what you have.

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