ATTENTION ALL CHRISTIAN MEN! It's Time To RiseUp and Get Healthy!

Your body is a temple, it's time to start treating it like one!

12-week Challenge Enrollments close on Feb 1st 2024

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Low Energy, Groggy Mornings, Weak Muscles, Bad Food Cravings and Poor Health, are all results of an inactive lifestyle.

I have experienced this all myself so I absolutely know what this all feels like and how to get out of it.

Not too long ago, around mid 2022, I had an appointment with my Dr. I left the office with a necessity to change. He told me that my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, and my triglycerides were high.

What's worse is the first thing that he said was... 'Do you want to go on medication?" In my head I was thinking "Are you serious? No I don't want that, why is that the first thing?" But he told me that most people don't want to change anything about their life, and that they rather just pop a pill then watch what they eat.

I got so upset. After telling him No, he said that I'll have to make some drastic changes for it all to go down.  He clearly didn't know me that well.

Immediately after, I went cold turkey on everything.  Stopped drinking energy drinks, watched what I was eating, and starting doing the "healthy" thing.  A few months after that, I started exercising (again).

During this time I had a pretty awesome God moment, and knew the decision had to be made to make healthy living a priority in my life. 

The Bible says that our body is a temple, purchased by Christ on the cross, and I was treating it like a trough. I had to stay committed to the promise I made to myself and to God.

Being more active and committing to a healthier lifestyle is now a vital part of my life that I want to share.

Introducing the
RiseUP Man of God Health Challenge

The first version of the RiseUp Man of God Health Challenge. It's time that we step up our lives and start making some concrete decisions for our future.  This starts with your health.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is a 12-week challenge that involves changes to eating habits, and creating an exercise routine that you can stick to! This is for anyone who wants to kick off their healthy lifestyle.  We'll be starting Feb 6th together! Get ready to work out 3 - 4 times a week.  We're going to track our food, track our exercises, and start transforming from the inside out!

Easy To Follow Food Plan

I'm going to be doing the same thing that my personal coach showed me when it came to eating and exercising. 

Quick Exercises (Calisthenics)

I am not a complex person by any means. I like simple and short. So kick the 2 hour gym nonsense to the curb, we're doing 20 - 30 minutes tops.

Support Community

No man is an island to himself.  You'll get access to the support community to ask questions and help when you need it.


This is the thing most programs lack! If you choose this option, you can hop on weekly calls and get daily reminders to your phone to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE


Some Extra Percs

These are just for you when you enroll in the first iteration of this program.

Bonus 1
Tracking Sheets

Exercising is all about moderating progress! I've created a document that's easy to print out and easy to use in order to track the exercises that we'll be doing together.  Start strong and end stronger! You'll know once you track it!

Bonus 2
Weekly Live Sessions

This is where I can answer any questions you may have, announce some wins that the group is having, and really start to build the brotherhood of Christian men that are rising up!

Bonus 3

This is probably the most important! The first 5 people to sign up will also have access to the daily reminders and tracking app.  This is a daily message/reminder for you to stay consistent!


Who is Jonathan Perez?

Jonathan's life had fallen into a monotonous rhythm, lacking purpose and trapped in a routine centered around work and financial pursuits. Turning to his faith, he questioned if his daily grind aligned with his higher calling to make disciples. Seeking change, he found guidance from mentors and began a transformative journey.

Determined to break free from selfish tendencies, Jonathan began growing closer to God, confronted challenges, and experienced great changes in his life. Despite feeling unprepared, he felt driven to share his journey in order to expand Gods Kingdom and his understanding of Manhood to other men. His objective became clear: To empower married Christian men to take back leadership in themselves and their family in order to leave behind a Kingdom Legacy.

Trusting in God's ongoing guidance, Jonathan started sharing lessons learned, realizing the journey wasn't just for himself but for his family and, ultimately, other men of God. Reflecting on Revelation 3:17, he embraced a richer, purpose-driven life, avoiding complacency.

I am still in the process of my journey.

I'm not your super buff Gym Guru.  I am still on a journey to hit my ideal weight and health goals. But I realized early on, that there is a discipline and a level of consistency involved in order to make this a lifestyle. This challenge is to join me on that journey so we can all be accountable together. There's unity in the body of Christ and as Christians, we need to start being united.

My business coach once said: 

"If you're solely in love with a future outcome, you will grow hatred for the process because it becomes the barrier to what you truly love. Loving the process is an active choice to do the right thing in the present, regardless of what outcome you think will come from it. If you love the process, you will always be in a position of peace regardless of the outcome. Ironically, the best outcomes come when you let go of your preconceived ideas of what the outcome should be."

So let's fall in love with the process, and let's start getting our health in order, together, as one body.

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Basic Challenge

12 Weeks Of Healthy Living



  • Complete 12-Week Workout Plan
  • Eating Tips and Tricks
  • LifeTime Access 1st Iteration of Health Videos
  • Exercise Tracking PDF's
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
Next Level Challenge

Basic Challenge PLUS Accountability Addon



  • Everything in Basic Challenge
  • 90 Day Accountability Add-On
  • Weekly Online Group Calls

12-Week Challenge Enrollments close on February 1st 2024

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You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you are not completely satisfied with your progress and what we're offering, let us know and we'll give you a complete 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workouts are we doing?

I'll be setting up a series of Push / Pull Exercises 3 times a week. This includes dips, pullups, pushups, squats, etc.. I'll be recording myself doing them as well on the chosen days so you're not by yourself.

Do I need any equipment? 

I'll be using a power tower as it's very inexpensive and incredibly versatile.  While you technically don't need one, I'll show some creative ways to compensate for pull-ups and dips.

I also have a weight vest because as you get more consistent, you will get stronger, so it's good to add a little weight.

How does the accountability app work?

You'll have to download the app on your phone.  Once you get the invite code, you'll be able to login and I'll be able to send notifications to your phone. From there, I'll reach out daily to check in and you can also track your work outs through it.

What's the culture going to be like?

I am a Christian, and the culture will be based on the Kingdom of God.  While you don't have to be a Christian to sign up, expect prayers, biblical lessons, etc. 

How will it work once signed up?

Once you sign up, I'll be sending a few emails before the start date, prepping and sharing what's to come.  The primary spot for communication will be the Facebook group. If you're on the advanced plan, we'll meet in the group calls as well.  Official start date will be Feb 6th. Expect the first work out to be on that date, I'll post it in a private course area on the website as well pin it in the Facebook Group. Throughout the 12 weeks I'll be providing more insight on the workouts, the food, Bible lessons about health and the body, and answering any questions.

Are you a personal trainer?

No I am not. I hired coaches in the past for health, they put me on some plans that worked out great, I joined a few fitness programs and continued to learn. I wouldn't label myself an expert by any means, but I know what works and what doesn't.  In everything the key is consistency which leads to self-discipline which is a fruit of the Spirit and foundational in you're growth.  Self-discipline is tough but I feel that health is the perfect stepping stone to continue in that area.

Disclaimer: Any claims made are purely from my own efforts and experience and have worked for me. Before implementing any fasts, changes in diet, or exercises, be sure to consult your physician and get their approval., SureFire Web Services, Inc., and Jonathan Perez are NOT liable for any negative effects or consequences that may occur while implementing my suggested practices.

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